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Zaragoza on summer nights

When summer arrives, city dwellers escape to cooler destinations. But Zaragoza is a city where you want to stay. Here there is no shortage of summer plans to face the heat. In Zaragoza you will find endless leisure and cultural activities to enjoy the summer days. For all the brave people who stay in Zaragoza in summer and for those who come for the first time, we bring you a summary of the best plans in Zaragoza on summer nights.

A culture plan

In Zaragoza, you are going to find hundreds of new plans every week with which to satisfy your curiosity, your expectations, and your leisure time. The great attraction of the summer plans is the possibility of carrying out cultural, tourist, and recreational activities in the street and enjoying the cool nightlife. Take the chance to go out and enjoy the summer night concerts at Caixaforum Zaragoza or the 5th Múver Festival or the CAI summer night cycle: ‘Tuesday-cinema, ‘Wednesday-music’ and ‘Thursday-theater’.

Cultural plans for the night

Cultural plans for the night

A tourist plan

A very special tourist plan is a guided night tour. Being able to enjoy the history of the great monuments of the city in the atmosphere at the night is unforgettable. That’s why you can’t miss the “Moon” night visit to the church of San Pablo. The wonderful 13th-century temple is one of the most beloved churches in the city. The lights and shadows of the sunset allow you to admire in detail the artistic wonders of its interior. The visit ends with the ascent to its monumental Mudejar tower, which has an incredible 60-meter-high viewpoint, where you can enjoy one of the best panoramic views of the city, fully illuminated.

'Moon' night guided tour of the church of San Pablo

‘Moon’ night guided tour of the church of San Pablo

Another great plan is a tourist route through the city aboard the night tourist bus. On the route of the Zaragoza night tourist bus, you can enjoy the view of the most emblematic buildings of the city illuminated at sunset. During the route, you can also learn about the city of Zaragoza with the audio guide of the tourist bus, available in four languages.

Get on the Zaragoza night bus!

Get on the Zaragoza night bus!

At the end of the route, the bus stops again in the city center, from where you can continue your night plan on the terraces of the historic center of the city.

It’s afternoon vermouth time

The streets of Zaragoza are full of life on summer nights. The atmosphere of the terraces invites you to take a tour of the most emblematic bars in the historic center of the city. The ‘Tubo’, the ‘Magdalena’, the Central Market, the squares Santa Marta, Santa Cruz, San Felipe, and much more. Choose your favorite tapas bars, grab a seat on the terrace and enjoy the night and the tapas!

vermouth time

Vermouth time in the streets

A green and starry plan

To return to the hotel, what better than a walk in the light of the stars along the Banks and bridges of the Ebro River? On summer nights the skies of Zaragoza are filled with light. And it is in the riverbed of the Ebro, far from the lights of the streetlights, where the stars are best seen on summer nights. Walk through the Macanáz park, the Stone bridge, the Paseo Echegaray y Caballero. Take an incredible photo of the Basilica del pilar from the Santiago bridge or take a breath of fresh air on the steps of the Paseo de la Ribera at the Expo site.

Walks along the banks of the Ebro.

Walks along the banks of the Ebro.

You Will also find beautiful night walks in the Parque Grande Jose Antonio Labordeta. Walk through the Cantautores bridge, the rose garden, and the bandstand, enjoy the peace of the night in the light of the fountains on the avenue and go up to Buenavista Hill to enjoy the illumination of the city from above.

night walk in the Parque Grande José Antonio Labordeta

Night walk in the Parque Grande José Antonio Labordeta

This is our proposal to enjoy Zaragoza on summer nights. But there are much more plans to do in the city. Tell us which are your favorites!

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