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If you are planning a city break in Zaragoza in the coming months, in addition to the information on the monuments and places to visit, don’t forget to browse the cultural agenda as major exhibitions await you!

We detail some of them:


Until January 21, 2018

Location: Caixa Forum

After his years of training in Italy, Francisco de Goya and Zaragoza (Fuendetodos, Zaragoza 1746 – Bordeaux 1828) moved to Madrid in 1775 to begin his career at the Court, something that he aspired to from his young age. Through his brother-in-law, Francisco Bayeu, painter at the Court of Carlos III, Goya began painting cardboards for the Royal tapestry factory. However, its recognition to the Court came only 11 years later, when he was named painter of the King in 1786, then with his nomination as first painter to the Court in 1799.

This exhibition offers an approach to the evolution of art and the figure of Goya during his years of work for the Court and the aristocracy in context with other artists of his time, as Mariano Maella, Jose from el Castillo, Luis Paret and many others, most of them represented in the exhibition. ‘Goya and the Court of Enlightenment’ seeks to confront art, technology and the vision of the reality embodied by Goya with the works of other artists of the 18th century, with whom he maintained many points of contact but that his art would definitely break.



Until February 4, 2018

Location: Museum Pablo Gargallo

The representation of the human figure styles have changed throughout history and within different cultures. A large part of current imaging represents an unreal beauty closest to fantasy or illusion (with alterations) than reality. The images of male and female nudes abound around us, but most of the time, they are shallow and one-dimensional.

The exhibition Inner Condition defies the current notion of beauty. Kander manages to represent in a realistic and intimate way the variety of the naked human body.

Nadav Kander, a photographer of recognized success, did burst onto the scene in 2009 by receiving the prestigious Pictet Prize to document, through his images, rapid changes in the Chinese landscape and people of Yangtze River, from the source to its mouth. This new series of nudes, however, reflects the scope of creativity and consolidates him as a contemporary and creative images multifaceted and charismatic artist



Until December 10, 2017

Location: IAACC Pablo Serrano

This exhibition is an approach to all artistic practices (performance, installations, photography, drawing, painting) that the famous filmmaker cultivated throughout his life, and who have been selected for its huge and unique private collection and graciously ceded by his widow, Celia Oros.

The exhibition covers all the typologies developed since its inception and reveals his daily reality and authentic person affable and close and tireless multidisciplinary creator inspired by sex, food and spirituality, but also by nature to which he succumbed during the last years of his life.

His legacy in this area adds thousands of works carried out in methodical series, most of them completely new because he kept these works in privacy until the 1990s. Since that time, he wanted to reclaim himself in total promiscuity of its creative languages, an unusual fusion of his paintings with his old scripts and filming notes and highlight this aspect he cultivated constantly. Opposite to the magical and celestial cosmos of the seventh art, he was always seduced by the sensuality of the tangible image and the approach to nature.

4 years after his death, the exhibition and the book accompanying reveal this ‘other’ Bigas which is certainly essential in order to understand this exciting and controversial figure in all of its vital and creative dimension.



Until January 7, 2018

Location: Alma Mater Museum

2026 is the year scheduled for completion of the construction of the Temple of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona according to the plans of Gaudí. To make known the project beyond Barcelona, Sagrada Familia has designed a new traveling exhibition of Gaudí and the Sagrada Familia

An inner experience, which first stop is the Alma Mater Museum in Zaragoza. It is a simple and attractive montage that guides the visitor through three environments to discover both the architecture of the monument and the sources of inspiration and techniques of Gaudí’s work in order to understand the meaning and the dimension of the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia.

The exhibition incorporates several audiovisual pieces and concludes with a model of the temple finished, that allows to understand how will be the Sagrada Familia once completed the dream of Gaudi.


For more information about other exhibitions and events in Zaragoza over the coming months, check the cultural agenda.



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