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On September 2017 took place the new edition of the International Festival of urban art of Zaragoza: ASALTO, which this year was located at Valdefierro district. Artists such as Zest, Mantra, Helen Bur or Antonyo Marest were the creators of the artistic interventions which have changed not only the landscape of this area.

Moreover, thanks to the collaboration of the Asalto Festival with the Zaragoza tramways various artists have reinterpreted this time works by the great Francisco de Goya at the tram stops, turning the act of using this means of transport into a cultural and artistic experience.

Would you like to see it?


The first festival ASALTO took place in 2005. Since then, creators from around the world have left in the city a legacy of more than 100 works, and it grows each year. In fact, the 12th edition of the Festival has turned Zaragoza into the city with more works of street art in Spain.


We suggest here a selection of 10 murals, selected according to its uniqueness, own characteristics or the story that lies behind each of them:


  1. Blu(c / Fuenclara. Second ASALTO Festival. 2OO6)


It is one of the murals that remains of the second festival, 11 years ago! Blu is one of the most charismatic artists who have passed through the Festival and that taught us about honesty and responsibility of creating in public space.


  1. INO(c / Emilio Castelar. 24 Ninth ASALTO Festival. 2014)

This mural is one of the few created only with black paint. It was also one of the first to be done in the district San Jose, which welcomed the Festival with great enthusiasm.


  1. N. Barrome(c / Manuel Lacruz, 17-19) + A. Urruti / cake(c / Manuel Lacruz, 14). Ninth ASALTO Festival 2014











These two murals are essential for their motives and colorful. Both created during the ninth edition in the Arrabal district thanks to the great support of the neighborhood association.


4. Okuda(inside square / c / Armas.) Eighth ASALTO Festival. 2013)

Okuda is one of the most photographed Wall Street weapons environment. The worldwide fame of the artist before his work.

  1. Roa(c / Coso, 182. Fifth ASALTO Festival. 2010)

This is one of the murals that let us ROA during the fifth edition. His paintings gained so much in importance that they changed the natural name of spaces in the city. In this case, the site of this mural, in the District of the Magdalena, has become popularly known as “the rabbit plot”.

  1. Rosh(Callejón Sacramento, 8. Eighth ASALTO Festival. 2013)

Another mural of impressive dimensions in the surroundings of the creative district Las Armas. The artist empathized so much with the community of neighbors that from the window, a neighbor invited him to pass inside and continue his work from the living room of his home 😉

  1. Wesr Figueroa(Paseo de la Ribera. Eighth ASALTO Festival. 2013)

This is the only “mural” carried out on the ground. It’s located under the stone bridge and appears and disappears with the floods of the Ebro. From there, the view from the Basilica del Pilar in the background is impressive.

  1. Helen Bur(c / Azalea, 20. 12th ASALTO Festival. 2017)

The artist Helen Bur, with her work “Water/life”, illustrates in this latest edition the effort of women who managed to bring running water to the neighborhood of Valdefierro in 1975, and reminds us of the inequality in access to drinking water in the world.


  1. Antonyo Marest(Espacio Asalto. c/Laki Street. Twelfth ASALTO Festival. 2017)






The work of Antonyo Marest, “Pilared Tropricalismen Est”, created on the wall that surrounds the old reformatory “El Buen Pastor”, gives a new meaning to the building, full of color, and evokes the coexistence, that point at which converge the people with all their differences.

  1. Mantra(c/ Cruz del Sur, 11. Edificio Tulipán) / Zest (c / Procion, 13). Twelfth ASALTO Festival. 2017







Color and games of volumes characterizes Zest who has adapted a space of steps for residents of Valdefierro district, transforming it. The artist Mantra has left a collection of native butterflies in his work “Butterflies of Aragon”.


These are some examples of how artists adapted their styles and artistic languages to the environment in which they worked within the Festival.

Do you want to know what other works have left in Zaragoza artists who have participated in the different editions of the ASALTO Festival? Enter the web


We look forward in the next edition of ASALTO!



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