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In this occasion we want you to know the new guide visit that we are offering during this season: the English Tour. An interesting route with our Tourist Guide Trainees (Students from University of Zaragoza) that aims to bring the city to foreign audiencesZaragoza-Turismo.-English-Tour-2-def-1024x576

With a tour around Pilar´s Square, visitors will learn the past and the present of Zaragoza through a trip of an hour of duration that begins close to the Roman Wall, built in stone during the second half of the century III D.c. It arrived to have a length of 3,000 meters and toured the current streets of Cesar Augusto, Coso and Echegaray and Caballero. Just beside is the Tower of the Zuda. A singular building that along the centuries has had a great role in the life of our city. Inside it, on the ground floor, there is today one of our local tourist offices. In addition, from its 5th floor you can enjoy unforgettable views of the city! The Church of San Juan of the Panetes, next to the Tower, is named in this way because here breads were distributed among the needy some time ago.

Zaragoza-Turismo.-English-Tour-3-def-1024x576The visit continues towards Pilar´s Square. Do you know that it is the biggest pedestrian square in Spain? It’s the heart of the city. Every important event takes place here. The big festival in Zaragoza, Fiestas del Pilar, are taken place every year around October 12th. Make a stop facing the Fountain of the Hispanidad. It was built in 1991 and his figure draws the map of Latin America (from the heights can be seen well this detail). Our Lady on the Pillar, became Patron Saint of all the newly discovered countries, which are here represented on this map. In addition, you will see also a symbolic representation of the three caravels of Colon sailing heading to America (represented through three “walls” of marble).Zaragoza-Turismo.-English-Tour-4-def-1024x576

And we arrive to the Basilica of the Pilar, symbol of Zaragoza, and built between 17th and 18th centuries. Before enter, place yourself at the center of it facade, in front of the relief made by Pablo Serrano, which represents the scene of the coming of the Virgin of the Pilar to the banks of the Ebro, where was Santiago Apostle with his group of converted.

Inside the Basilica, don´t miss the Saint Chapel, where according to the tradition is located the column brought by the Virgin Maria to Zaragoza. Around it was built the Chapel which today is dedicated to the Virgin of the Pilar. The Main Altar, which was built at the beginning of the 16th century, it’s all made of Alabaster and it represents various scenes from the life of the Virgin. Don´t go without contemplating the colorful dome Regyna Martirium, painted by genius Francisco Goya in 1781.

We continue along the Cathedral´s Square, named in this way because Zaragoza has two cathedrals: the Pilar and “La Seo”. Did you know it?

Zaragoza-Turismo.-English-Tour-5-def-1024x576On our way to La Seo we´ll stop at the Town Hall building, located in the same place since the end of the middle Ages, although the current building is from the second half of the 20th century. When it was built, it was thinking about harmony in the Lonja, located just beside. It was the first public building in Zaragoza and the first Renaissance building in the city. The Lonja was built in the middle of the 16th century and it was a meeting place for merchants, a place to do business. Zaragoza-Turismo.-English-Tour-6-def-1024x576

And we arrive at the end of the visit. Enjoy watching the main facade of the Cathedral of San Salvador, known as “La Seo”, which was the first Christian Cathedral of Zaragoza. Mixture of artistic styles (Romanesque, Baroque and Gothic…), it highlights the beauty of the wall of the “parroquieta” in an Aragonese Mudejar style that has been declared World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Zaragoza-Turismo.-English-Tour-7-def-1024x576Our Tourist Guide Trainees combine their explanations with anecdotes, curiosities… You´ll enjoy it!

We remind you that these tours start daily from 1 of July until 30 of September at 10.30 am at the Tower of the Zuda.

 Come and enjoy discovering Zaragoza with the English tour!


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