Zaragoza: a city of records

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Third Millenium Bridge, Zaragoza

Zaragoza is a medium sized city but has many unique places in the world. Don’t you believe it? We show you some of the records that holds Zaragoza.

Third Millennium Bridge is the largest suspended concrete arch bridge in the world. It measures 216 meters long and 48 wide. This project is work of the Aragonese engineer Juan José Arenas de Pablo. This is one of the works that were performed because of Expo 2008.

Puerto Venecia is the largest shopping and leisure resort in Europe. With a planned area of 206,000 square meters and 600,000 square meters of land, it has numerous boutiques of prestigious international brands, a lake where you can navigate in the summer and ice skating in winter, terraces and gardens to have a promenade.

The Aquarium of Zaragoza is 3,400 square meters which make it the largest freshwater aquarium in Europe.

Zaragoza’s Museum-School of Origami is the only museum in Europe dedicated to the art of paper folding. In fact, Zaragoza can be considered as the world capital of origami as it is the only city in the world that has an active group since the 40’s.

The world’s largest sundial, registered in the Guinness World Records since 2013, was installed in 2010 in the neighborhood of Vadorrey. It measures nearly 31 meters tall and has a gnomon of 46 meters long and weights 50 tons. Its accuracy has a deviation of only 15 seconds.

Basilica of the Pilar, Zaragoza

Basilica of the Pilar, Zaragoza

El Plata, this cabaret located in El Tubo, is the only live music café that is still active in Europe. It was opened in 1920.

The Basilica of the Pilar is the world’s ninth largest church with its 8,318 square meters. This Marian shrine is the main attraction of Zaragoza and every year is visited by thousands of people from all over the world.

Zaragoza is also the only Spanish city which has an artificial whitewater course within the town. Located in the Water Park Luis Buñuel, is another project that started with the Expo Zaragoza 2008.

But this records are not only modern because Caesaraugusta (Zaragoza nowadays) was the only Roman city that enjoyed the privilege of having the full name of the emperor Caesar Augustus.

Do you know any other records of our city?


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