The Ebro captivated the Romans, Cervantes and us!

Posted August 23, 2014 by zaragozaturismo in Zaragoza today
Ebro river

Something has the Ebro river that captivates to whom see it. It’s not surprising that the Iberians choose their banks to settle forming Salduie and so did the Romans with Caesaraugusta. The Ebro has always played an important role in history and in culture.

Literature and music hasn’t forgotten the Ebro. Cervantes wrote a chapter of Don Quixote where the knight and his expo ebrosquire Sancho Panza live one of their adventures on the banks of the Ebro, and more specifically in the village of Alcalá de Ebro in Zaragoza. Many Aragonese jota name the Ebro in their verses. The best known is perhaps the one called Sierra de Luna.

But we can also enjoy the Ebro in situ. Strolling through the parks along its banks is a good way to enjoy the nature surrounding this flow. Another option is to get on the Ebro boat to sail on its waters. These river promenades are offered by the Aquarium of Zaragoza. different way to see the banks, see some fish, ducks and other waterfowl up close, and have a different view of the Basilica del Pilar, bridges and Expo. These service is having a great public success and expect to exceed the 11,500 passengers they had last year.

And, how do you prefer to enjoy the Ebro?


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